Varmint Guard Coon Cages for 55 gallon barrels

This is the best deal on large diameter coon cages that you will find. This product comes as a kit, so some assembly is required. The kit comes with all the parts you need for assembly. The cage material is 14 gage galvanized welded wire and the spacing is one inch by two inches. The cage is 20 inches in diameter and 10 inches deep. It takes about 10 minutes to assemble the kit and then it is ready for installation. The kit does not come with attachment hardware. We can supply the attachment hardware if you would like to add that to your order. We will be glad to give you advice on installation.

The reason you need a large diameter cage is for two reasons. The first reason is so coons, should they get up the legs of your feeder, can not reach through the coon cage and get to your spinner plate where the food is. With smaller diameter coon cages, the coons can just reach in there and spin out the corn, so a small diameter coon cage really does not do much good at all from protecting your feed from coons. The second reason you want a large diamter coon cage is so the corn can gain some speed when it is coming off of your spinner plate and a significant portion of the feed can be distributed out and all the feed does not just end up right under the feeder.

$20.00 plus USPS
Shipping & Handling

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