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Texas best hunt & lease deals
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Contact Response
When we receive an E-Mail inquiry, we will send a prepared E-FLYER with your information listed with your contact E-Mail and phone and website listed. All of your information on E-Mail and on our website landing page will have live links to your E-Mail and website so customers can just click on the link and get in contact with you immediately. We have found that E-Mail contact is the best way for both parties to make initial contact. Phone calls are important, but E-Mail is the best way to start an inquiry.

Website Landing Page
The landing page will have your ad and contact information listed. You can have three color photos with your ad. Your contact information will be live linked so customers can just click on your E-Mail or go direct to your website. You will also have a lot of words to describe what you have to offer. There will also be a page link to the landing page on the front page of the Texas Hunting News website so anyone can navigate to the landing page that visits the website.

Dove Hunting Business Advertising
May, June, July, August are the most important months to advertise to the public. Corporations and business hunting groups start looking for dove hunting deals in May every year. One thing that you may want to consider is giving an early bird discount for groups that book and pay for their hunts in May or June. Both parties win. They get a better price and you get better cash flow for your business.

Deer Hunting Business Advertising
Getting hunts booked every year is a challenge in today's economy. High volume and low cost advertising is very attractive to outfitters trying to attract clients for deer hunts. When customers inquire to the funnel ad in the newspaper, we send out an E-FLYER to them that has all your information on it so they can contact you direct. E-Mail is always the best way to get the most leads. Potential clients will send an E-Mail inquiry to you much more often that making a phone call. We make this process very easy for the outfitter. Most outfitters are very busy with many daily tasks. Sending E-Mail back to someone that has made an inquiry is very easy and it does not disrupt your daily affairs. You can call them back at your convenience to answer their questions.

Hunting Lease Advertising
There are a few things about the hunting lease business that landowners and leasing agents should do a better job of. First, know who you are leasing to. Second, advertise your E-Mail address instead of your phone number to make initial contact with hunting groups. Third, have a detailed set of questions that you can send to potential lessees. Then, you can call back the customers that fit your criteria without wasting a lot of time by talking to people that you know you do not want to lease to. When people contact us via a funnel ad, we will send them all the information on your hunting lease. Your E-Mail will be live linked so they can contact you direct. If you do not have an E-Mail address, we will be glad to send out your hunting lease information, as well as questions for hunters. We will be glad to print out the replies and mail them to you.

E-Mail Marketing Service
You will also get our E-Mail Marketing Service as part of your funnel advertising package. We have an extensive database of over 25,000 hunters and we send out an E-FLYER to them every month. Your information will be listed on our E-FLYER that goes direct to hunters in Texas and across the USA. I have been involved with consumer product marketing for over 20 years and E-Mail marketing works very well to get what you have to sell right in front of the customer. Our database of hunters is growing every day. The E-Mail Marketing Service is a very valuable sales tool. If you are interested in just the E-Mail Marketing Service alone, the cost is $20 per month.

The Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express News and The Fort Worth Star Telegram allow 30 characters per line. The Dallas Morning News only allows 20 characters per line. The ads are 3 line ads.

Product Advertising
If you have a product that may be of interest to hunters, funnel advertising will provide a source of high exposure via newspaper classified ads. Hunting leases are in short supply and thousands of hunters are looking for leases every single day. A lot of hunters will respond to our ads in the newspaper because they are looking for a hunting lease. When they inquire via E-Mail or if they visit the landing page, they will see your product ad. We also advertise the landing page on several public websites to direct hunters to your ad.

Website Advertising
When you participate with funnel advertising, you get free public advertising on our website. The addition of free website advertising means you are getting the total advertising package when you participate in funnel advertising. We have you covered. If you just want public advertising on our website, the cost is $18 for six months. That is equal to ten cents a day.


One time funnel ad participation in this issue. There are 20 spots maximum in the program. The funnel ad is one sixth page size in color. There will also be a classified ad directing to the landing page on the Texas Hunting News website. The cost for this program is $ 100 per spot.
Funnel advertising is one of the best ways to get your business seen by thousands of potential customer in your target market. For more information, contact us via E-Mail

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