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Successful advertising is a huge part of any business that wants to grow a customer base. Strategic advertising is very important. In today's website based hunting market, strategic advertising is a huge advantage to your hunting business. We advertise our website through many different public advertising outlets all the major markets across the USA. The visitor traffic that we create gets the public to see what you have to offer. We specialize in color ads and text ads. Your color ads are live linked to your website and your E-Mail is live linked direct to you.

Cost effective, color ads, direct link, defined customer base.

The ad on the left is a 300 pixel X 250 pixel image. We will craft this size ad and place it on many different pages of the website where customers will see it.

Your ad can also be live linked to your own website, so when they click the ad, it will take them directly to your website or to a specific page on your website.

Make sure that you always take really good harvest photos. You can use them for your advertising images. A picture is worth a thousand words.

You can also have your phone number on the ad and let customers know that it is OK to contact you in what manner you say, either call or text or both.

We will make the ad for you as part of our service. Our job is to make your hunting business look as good as possible so you can make more sales.

Together, we make sales happen.

The ad on the left is a 300 pixel X 200 pixel image. Standard pixels per inch (ppi) of 72 ppi website images. We will also make ads for you in this size and place them on high traffic pages on our website. You also get text information listings on the focus pages, whether it be hunting leases or outfitter hunts. Outfitter Hunts are specifically directed to those pages that feature the particular game animal that the hunter wants to hunt. We will place text information ads for all the different types of game hunts you may offer. Your E-Mail address will be linked so when someone clicks it, a window opens so they can send you a direct E-Mail message. This method is really pretty slick.

Target Market, Nationwide Customer Base Advertising for $1 per day. This is super value advertising.

The best advertising value you can buy is when the advertising is targeted to a specific market for a long period of time and has a cost to benefit ratio that is in the favor of the seller. If your advertising on our website makes more than $180, then the advertising was a success. We guarantee that your ads will be seen by thousands of people that visit our website looking for hunting opportunities.


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180 Days of Advertising $180 Total Cost

Our Funnel Advertising System Works !

We advertise across the USA through public advertising media and bring customers into our website. Your ads will be placed in the appropriate areas so that customers can see what you have to sell very easily. Your ads will have live links to your color ads as well as text links to your E-Mail. We will make all the ads for you.

The Texas Hunting Network is the only hunting business website that is focused primarily on outfitter hunting business.

We make it easy for customers to find your business.

We target our advertising to a huge public market nationwide.

Our advertising has a cost of $1 per day. Even in 6 months time, if you sell more than $180 worth of hunting business then our advertising program has been a successful expense for you.

We also offer other services should you be interested. We offer response call back services as well as E-Mail response services.

HUNT ADVERTISING is here to work for you.

Contact us at hunt@austin.rr.com


We are not limited to just Outfitter Advertising. If you have a product or a service that you would like to advertise, we will help you get in front of your customer.

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What you get in trade for your money :

Custom Color Ads produced for free and placed on high volume traffic pages on our website. The ads are live linked to take customers direct to your website.

Live Text Links are also placed on many pages on our website. These live links will take people direct to your website with just one click on their mouse.

Category Listings in every appropriate game hunting category we have.

Outfitter Directory Listing has all contact info and live link to E-Mail with just one click.

Web Page Hosting - We offer the construction, maintenance and hosting of a dedicated web page for your business. We host it on our website. You get the benefit of our high volume website traffic. You also get the benefit of having a reliable host that can update your web page in a very express manner. Manipulating, formatting, deleting and uploading all in a day's work. The cost of this service is $180 for 4 months of hosting, paid in advance. As an example of a web page in action, click on the following link Camp Walnut Deer and Turkey Ranch


The ad at left is an example of a simple ad that directs customers to a web page that is hosted on this website. The ad could also be directed to your own website. The ad is live linked and can be directed to any website with just one click.

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